Thursday, 16 August 2012

Weaning and blockages

Well I can honestly say I have never been as delighted to see the sloppy brown contents of Henry's nappy as I was yesterday. Henry had not had a poo since last Thursday and Emily and I were beginning to become a little concerned as this coincided with our first foray into foods other than booby juice.

One of the delights of my morning over the summer break has been letting him give some of my breakfast apple a darned good gumming. He has loved it! Pulling my apple-filled fingers to his mouth and gnawing and licking to his heart's content.

We moved from this to a little bowl of puréed apple last Wednesday, carrot on Thursday and banana on Friday! Banana didn't appear to agree with Henry though and we may wait a bit before we try that again.

However, all this excitement was soon interrupted by a powerful bout of parentanoia - he hasn't pooed for days! Have we blocked him up with our cursed attempts at weaning?!

The advice we received from a friendly health visitor was that we shouldn't be starting to wean before six months as his gut won't be filtering anything out yet and there is evidence to suggest this period is particularly sensitive for developing allergies. As we had started though, now the advice was to give a little more to try and push through the blockage. More puréed apple then, was the order of the day.

And we have now had three nappies in the last twelve hours, bless him. So we are happy again and daddy can go back to letting him give my apple one hell of a licking!