Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Been a while

Dear Junior,

It's been a while since I've written to you and I thought it about time, after all a lot has changed.

Where to begin? Firstly, you'll be happy to know that mummy and I finally started your room. Well, I say mummy and I. I was in there for about 20 minutes and mummy for 30. The truth is that mummy's mummy and daddy have started your room. It doesn't look up to much at the moment, but by the time it's finished it will be the nicest, snuggest room in the house.

We have also finally ordered your furniture, so there will be somewhere for you to sleep and keep clothes! And mummy and daddy finally picked a pram. You will probably never understand how stressful it was, and how grateful we are to my mummy for buying it for you.

Mummy's beginning to get quite achy and tired now - you're in the process of growing quite quickly and we can feel you moving and kicking as your current home gets smaller and smaller. Don't worry though, in no time you'll be out and safely in our arms where we can watch you grow! We're both a little bit worried but very excited about meeting you, as are your grandparents and uncles.

I've got to go now because mummy has brushed her teeth and you need oiling and her feet need rubbing - daddy has some very important jobs.

I promise I'll try to write again, but who knows you may surprise us and arrive before I get chance!

Sleep well, dream sweet dreams.

All my love


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