Saturday, 12 November 2011

Sunswept shadows in fluttering dreams
Fly by like the gems of wisdom past.
Fairys and hopes on whispering wings,
Dart in and out and in-between.
Things to come,
Who knows best,
What will be and then the rest.
Sunswept shadows in fluttering dreams,
Bring hope into life like the whisper of fairy wings.

Elizabeth S. Tyree

My wife has started to feel our baby moving around inside her.  Unfortunately, I am unable to join in with this miracle as I cannot feel a thing just yet, despite being encouraged to hold, prod and poke around her gradually swelling midriff.

I will confess to a certain discomfort when engaging in this.  She is more than happy to squeeze and cajole in an attempt to feel this growing human; I, on the other hand, am terrified that somehow I will hurt our child.  They are still so tiny - although according to the iPhone app yesterday now the weight of a turnip with a bony, rather than cartilaginous, skeleton - and I all this poking worries me.  If I am honest, I find the idea of the first few months fairly anxious until they become a bit more robust.  I am sure I will get used to it.

It feels like we are now coming out of a strange few months, a kind of limbo.  My wife is beginning to 'show', she is now feeling Junior move around, we should be hearing the heartbeat next week.  Everything is becoming more real, and more public, and more pressing.  We are weeks away from Christmas and then when Christmas is done, we will be a few short months away from arrival.  

These are strange but exciting times.  I remember when Junior would have only been a couple of centimetres, now he is over 13 and weighs more than 100g.  I sense that this will be a feeling for the next couple of decades as our progeny grows and develops and we are left thinking "they grow up so fast".  Junior hasn't even arrived yet and already I find it amazing how quickly things change and move on!  In my head I have vowed to appreciate each moment, I do not want to waste time in the now thinking about what is past, or what is to come.

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