Sunday, 15 January 2012

Preparation, preparation, preparation...

It's been a while since I was last here, but I thought it was time to finally pick up my proverbial pen and record some more thoughts.  Due to the passing of my dad at the end of November I have been continually reminded of the importance of family.  I will probably share more thoughts in this regard in future blogs, for now it is a little too soon still.

So what has been happening with regards to the kiddie bean?  A lot of growth!  My wife now sports a highly desirably front extension, that occasionally entertains the both of us with visible bulges and kicks.  There is simply no hiding the fact that she is pregnant and with this simple fact seems to have come an explosion of appetite!  Clearly junior is demanding a lot of calories, and my wife is only too happy to supply them.  :-)

More seriously we visited Asda's baby event today and have begun to stock up in preparation.  We have two huge boxes of newborn nappies now, which my wife predicts may last three days if we're lucky.  The goal is to do towelling nappies when junior's digestive system settles down a bit, but I am reliably informed the first couple of weeks are particularly explosive and prolific.

We now have a selecton of lotions, wipes, cotton products, bibs, sleepsuits, with some Sudocrem and a travel cot thrown in.  With this flurry of purchasing came a not insubstantial level of nervous anticipation - it is now becoming very real and I do find myself asking if I will be ready?  Is anybody ever ready?  We moved from Asda to the babies section of Toys R Us, where we examined a number of very similar looking cotbeds, as well as pushing around a number of prams that approach the market value of my car, yet apparently don't even have ABS.  They are extortionate!  Baby products come with quite a mark-up it seems.  And so far we have not even got a room ready to put all this in.  While I am very excited about junior's arrival, it is beginning to feel that time is running out for us to get things ready for the big day.

With that in mind, I'm going to go help the wife put away the Christmas decorations (we've been really busy, ok?!)

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